Welcome to the Barker Tavern

Standing within the original limits of the Town of Scituate are a number of dwellings built early in the seventeenth century by pioneer settlers. One of the most noteworthy of these is the Old Williams-Barker house. It was built as early as 1634 and part of the original dwelling is said to be the oldest English house in the United States. The heavy beams and wooden walls, once pierced for portholes, bear witness to its use as a garrison in 1676. The outer walls have since been covered with shingles and the inner reinforced with brick. The pitch of the roof has been remodeled, forming the ell of the present building.

John Williams, the builder of the house, moved to Scituate with Mr. Hatherly from London. That he was of the same family of Oliver Cromwell is a tradition in the town and has in its favor the fact that the great protector's name was originally Williams and was changed to please a maternal aunt who wished not to have her name pass into oblivion.

Upon the death of John Williams, his son Captain John Williams inherited the house and farm of some two hundred acres. He was the captain of the military company that pursued King Philip to Mount Hope and commanded the right wing of the ambuscade when the chief was killed. The courageous captain died in 1694 and his gravestone, the oldest one in the burial ground, can still be seen. On his death the house was bequeathed to a grand nephew, William Barker of Marshfield. The house and farm were kept in the Barker family until after the revolution when it was sold to a cousin.

In 1978 Eli Jordan bought the property and reopened as the Barker Tavern. Eight years later, Mr. Jordan and family enclosed the tented patio alongside the main building to comfortably accommodate weddings and special events year round, naming the beautiful new wing, The Williams Room. 

Our family has been proud to be a member of the Town of Scituate family. We are celebrating our 40th Anniversary in business. Eli has since passed way, but George is the chef and runs the business along with Becky in the office and Audrey as our Baker. We thank you all for your support over these many, many years and look forward to many more.

The Jordan Family
Becky, George, Audrey, Elaine & Sandi